Earth Day Inspiration

On this day 192 countries focus on environmental education … and celebrate our remarkable planet, an “incredibly complex and vibrant ecosystem, where living organisms interact with each other and their environment to create the ideal conditions for life.” We are all connected within that grand WEB OF LIFE…. 

Today is a good time to reflect on the very ground you stand on and how you might show up as an EARTH GUARDIAN to safeguard her for our future generations.

Each and every day “ordinary” acts have extraordinary repercussions. As a nine-year-old Tara Church had an idea: what if she got her brownie troop to plant a tree to help the planet? On May 9, 1987, Marcie the Marvelous Tree was planted in El Segundo, California, and as Marcie grew, so did an environmental group called the Tree Musketeers. Tara and her friends imagined children all over the world planting trees, and from their vision over two million trees were planted. In the process, many young leaders were grown too. The Tree Musketeers operated as a fully kid-run non-profit for 30 years – before closing their doors this March due to a drop in donations causing insurmountable financial hardship. What these kids accomplished over thirty years is remarkable!

Tina Proctor and I wrote about the Tree Musketeers in our Ophelia’s Oracle: Discovering the Healthy, Happy, Self-Aware, and Confident Girl in the Mirror (8-14) and witnessed the very first group in Colorado – 29 girls and boys from the Bryant-Webster School – to register and plant trees with the Tree Musketeers. The certificate they received said: “Earth is our home and she needs our help. Trees will do their part and I promise to do mine by being a leader in my community.”

Maybe it isn’t planting trees … but we each need to ask, “What can I do to help?”
And today, THANK the ground you walk on!