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I would love to hear from you. Here are some guidelines for the best ways to contact me:

Are you interested in working with me as your Wild Success coach? I have over 24 years experience as a licensed coach, assisting clients with their healing and personal growth. I also bring  expertise in creative development with a special focus on opening “stuck” creative channels. To learn more, submit your details and I’ll contact you. You can also call me directly for a brief phone consultation or Opt-In to our monthly news and inspiration e-zine and take advantage of a Free Discovery Session with me. For more information about my qualification and services, click here.

Do you want to interview me for an article, blog, or guest appearance on your radio or TV show? Fabulous! The quickest way to communicate with me for these purposes is by leaving a brief message with your contact information by phone 303-271-0510 and following up with the details in an email to

Would you like me to speak to your business, church, or community group? You can find more information about my qualifications here and also access simple speaking info. The best way to contact me is by phone/email. Please leave a brief phone message with your contact information and the dates under consideration and then follow-up with an initial email.

One Last Thing: If you’re selling something or wish to send me some kind of pitch about your services, or ask me to share something you’ve created with my audience, please address me by name so I know you’re a genuine human being – not a mass e-mailer. And for the privacy of my clients, I never sell or share my email list. Products or services that benefit my community are, from time to time, shared and I am also open to collaboration with others for the good of our community. If you or your product might fall into those categories, then I’d love to hear from you!

Until we connect in person,

May your days be tame and your success wild!
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