From mountain hilltops to formal keynotes, Donna DeNomme is a dynamic and engaging facilitator for personal growth. She is available for both small and large groups, consistently presenting quality programs in business, community and spiritual settings since 1987. Call Donna at 303-271-0510 to have her design a program tailored just for you.

Presentation Spice!
Some groups choose to add a bit of one of these to season the mix:
– an exploratory guided meditation
– a deepening group process
– a ceremony, a Rite of Passage process, or a group movement or body prayer

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“Thank you, Donna DeNomme for being a guest on my radio show, ‘For Your Life.’ You are an articulate and engaging guest. You have a knack for personalizing your responses, so the audience feels included in the conversation, as if you are speaking directly to the listener. Please keep me posted of your upcoming projects, I would love to have you back on the show.”
Robin C Hoffman, MA, Radio Interviewer

“ The audience was completely captivated by your story and your delivery of the story was even more compelling… everyone in the room went home with the peace that we are not the only ones… Your talk was so powerful!” -Kathy Falbo, Entrepreneur

“ This is the type of experience that lingers and teaches beyond the time and the space in which it was presented. The work that you do happens on so many other levels, not just in the intellect… the bargain is that people have an opportunity to get infinitesimally more than they came for…”
-Rev. Mary Jo Honiotes, Center for Spiritual Living Denver

“ An effective interweaving of personal experience and metaphor made for a powerful presentation.”
– Ernest Pierce , Life Coach, Denver Coaching Federation

“Donna DeNomme was a dynamic speaker with an engaging topic. I was impressed by her presence, level of information and style. She was insightful, entertaining and approachable. I will go and hear Donna talk whenever I have the opportunity!” -Jill Kroog, JK Consulting Group, BHS Member

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