Our New Year dawns with infinite potential!

Whoever you are,
wherever you are,
whatever is going on in your life,
this is the call …
come home …
to yourself.
Donna DeNomme
from Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself  and
Turtle Wisdom Playbook: A Motivational Coloring Adventure

“The Golden Opportunity you are seeking is in yourself.
It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help
of others, it is in you alone.” – Orison Swett Marden

Within you, you will find your greatest gifts and your sweetest happiness … just take the time to look!
With the New Year upon us, it’s fascinating to examine how you actually feel about the birth of 2017.

  • Does it seem like just more of the same ole’ thing or is there a hopeful freshness about what is coming over the horizon?
  • Are you approaching this time with dread and thoughts of what might be lacking: not enough money, good work, creative endeavors, companionship, or love?
  • Or are you looking forward to a new cycle of opportunity; hopeful in refining what is out of balance or missing in your life?

The years seem to come and go even more quickly than before . . . . So “catch” this shifting and dynamic window of time while you can. Within the first quarter, you’ll find a natural receptivity to articulating intentions and taking healthy actions….

  • Sit in a cozy spot, perhaps with your favorite cup of tea, a notebook or journal, and maybe even a chosen focal object – like a special picture, an altar item, or even a simple white candle for the purity of a new year.
  • Let yourself pause in the hubbub of the holidays to just SIT with yourself. Think about the year that has passed: its challenges and successes, its sadness and joys….
  • Ponder the upcoming time, recognizing its receptive potential – and then be open to what is inspired to you (through you). In this sacred moment, look, honestly and openly, at different aspects of your experience in 2016. This is a time to listen to that inner knowing and divine inspiration as it beckons you further.
  • Then consciously contemplate areas to draw forth a better balance or renewed interest. This is an opportunity to refine your life in ways that would be more aligned to your core essence.
  • Listen to your heart’s desires and soul’s longing. What would 2017 be like if you listened to those urgings?
  • Finally, recognize and reaffirm life as a Great Adventure, one that’s ready to pull you on a wondrous winding path toward self-discovery, transformation, and unfolding your greater yet-to-be.
  • Live the life you love and love the life you live!

Donna DeNomme is an award-winning, internationally published author, shamanic healer, conscious energy teacher, and Master Success Coach. Donna offers intuitive empowerment readings, body balancing, and Master Success Coaching in-person or by phone. Awaken a Masterful Life!