Wild Woman Retreat

Wild Woman:
Tap into your own Wild Woman Nature with the magnificence of the Wild Mustangs! 

Commune with the wonder of vast open spaces, amazing horses, and your own Wild Woman Self!  An enrichment program of planned activities, contemplative spaces, yoga stretching, guided imagery meditation, gentle hiking, star gazing….

Wild Woman: there is so much more to you then even you know. Check out your own “wilderness!”
Whimsical: activities to engage and delight your inner child! Enjoy a small and intimate group of ten women with room to stretch and play
Having fun is required! and a meaningful program is guaranteed
Wonder-Filled: embrace the sacred space of this mustang sanctuary and create gentle acceptance, peace and presence in your inner and outer world
Writing: Open writing practices help you discover, transform, and celebrate your Wild Woman Self. Contemplative time will be scheduled and all writing is optional. 

Wild Woman Retreat: June 24th & 25th
Saturday 10:00 am – Sunday 4:00 pm
$395 *$50 discount for Feb registration
*includes exploration and enrichment program, 4 meals, & 1 night indoor lodging

Award-winning, internationally-published author, conscious energy teacher, shamanic healer, and Master Success Coach, Donna DeNomme, guides you through a delightful and expansive adventure  to discover, accept & appreciate, transform & skillfully craft your most important relationship.

What can happen in a week-end?
Call to see if this dynamic program is right for you!

Wild Woman Retreats celebrate our earth connection,
exploration of our own “wilderness” parts,
and expressing our Wild Woman Self!