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Do you want to better appreciate yourself? And how can you love the life you live – right here, right now?

  • With honest self-reflection and new self-discovery;
  • by acknowledging, exploring, and honoring your sacred self;
  • by healing and transforming the parts that are wounded, stagnant, or unfulfilled;
  • and by engaging in your uniquely gifted soul expressions through the creative venture of life itself!

So begin by taking a step – just one – even one little step creates magical movement
and positive movement takes you from here to there!

It doesn’t matter what you grab a hold of first. Trust yourself to grab the piece that makes the most sense for where you are right here, right now in your life.

Do you want to know yourself more?
I suggest you begin by reading Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself, playing with the Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards or engaging with our Turtle Wisdom Playbook: A Motivational Coloring Adventure! Coloring + activities=super fun!
Consider taking the “30 Day Invitation: Coming Home to Yourself” online course.

Do you live from a place of wounding –
repeating old, destructive patterns over and over again?

8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing would be a guidebook for healing your deepest wounds, and for helping you re-pattern behaviors that invite re-wounding.

The most supported way to engage with the rich material in this book is to walk through it with Master Success Coach Donna DeNomme in the “Transforming Pain to Passion: A Proven Formula for Health, Wealth, & Happiness” online course. You will be held in a nurturing, supportive, and expansive container to encourage your deepest and most empowering transformation.

All of Donna’s books and products are award-winning and Turtle Wisdom is now published in 9 countries! And there are opportunities to work in support and healing groups, online or in webinars.

One-on-one sessions in person, by phone, or Skype are available during our open-enrollment period (there are times where sessions are closed to existing clients only). Contact 303-271-0510 or use the “contact us” form to request a private session.

Draw in the support of a Mentor for Life. . . .
One who is trained in Traditional and Depth Psychology, one who is a Donnalaughlicensed spiritual coach emeritus, and one who has a proven track record of almost thirty years supporting others with their healing and
empowerment. Donna can help you to awaken a masterful life – by loving the life you live and then creating so much more – in order to live the life you love. Be more, have more. Why? Because you can!!

Check out our astral-boosting programs and products to guide
and enhance your Path of Success.
Powerful enrichment and empowerment tools:

Enrich and empower your life by participating in a “30 Day Invitation: Coming Home to Yourself!” program. Illuminate the pathway home – to yourself… For more information…

Join us for our next PathWeavers Retreat in the mountains of Grand Lake, Colorado. This will be our 22nd Annual PathWeavers Retreat. Our theme and early discounts can be found here.

January offers the launch of our newest online program, “Transforming Pain to Passion: A Proven Formula for Health, Wealth, & Happiness” – based on the award-winning, internationally-published groundbreaking book, 8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing.

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   Yoga Studio 6

Empowerment Coach, Donna DeNomme, and Storyteller, Tina Proctor,  
would love to design a unique program for your group or event!

Some people only dream of success. We make it happen….
By aligning with your truest Self, you can live the life you love!
Let’s explore the wilderness of your uncharted potential.

“You are able time and time again to create such a safe space for all of us to express and share!” Kathy, PathWeavers Retreat
“Coming here is getting to connect with a special family.” Kassi, PathWeavers Retreat
“A well-needed Soul Cleanse!” Mason, Discovery Session


To visit our complete listing for the books that say, “I Believe in You!”

If you enjoyed reading Turtle Wisdom and using the Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards, check out The Companion. Designed as a further experiential process for the concepts loved in Turtle Wisdom, this companion is part coloring book and part workbook. (Sweet illustrations.) A catalyst for your personal journey. Let’s play together!

$15.95 print

$15.95 The beloved original book of discovery, confidence, & transformation

$21.95 Turtle Wisdom                                           Turtle Wisdom Playbook
Personal Illumination Cards                                   A Motivational Coloring Adventure!
44 cards plus booklet                                          
a complete confidence program in a box!


A $55.81 value ….. Launch Special = $45
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If you have questions about our products or would like to order by phone, call 303-271-0510.
Turtle Wisdom may be ordered Wholesale through New Leaf, DeVorss,
or contact us8Keys-cover-front-120 to set up a Wholesale account.

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