Ophelia’s Oracle

 With a fictional piece that girls love, and confidence-building activities that adults appreciate,
Ophelia’s Oracle: Discovering the Healthy, Happy, Self-Aware, and Confident Girl in the Mirror


9781615399581Ophelia, a modern-day girl, questions who she is and what is the meaning and significance of her young life. She becomes wiser and more confident as she hears ancient stories of divine goddesses and their poignant messages that are as significant now as they were eons ago. She begins to recognize the support that is all around her and life’s spiral, which draws the mystery of the universe to her very core – awakening her heart to her own powerful self.  

  • A full-color design includes the delightful story of 12-year-old Ophelia, who explores her emerging sense of self
  • Ancient feminine wisdom stories lead Ophelia to discover the relevance these stories hold today
  • 15 national and international awards for excellence including the Mom’s Choice Gold, Nautilus Silver, and COVR Gold,
    Grand Prize third place INDIE for all non-fiction books!
  • Co-authored with story-teller, Tina Proctor
  • First book in a motivational girls’ series (10 – 17). Women love it, too!
  • Boulder inspirational artist, Sue Lion, contributes original designs
  • Art, poetry, lyrics, and musings by the girls themselves
  • A fabulous gift for the special girl in your life (even if she is the one inside!)

Indie Awards 2010

Empowerment Coach, Donna DeNomme, and Storyteller, Tina Proctor,
would love to design a unique program for your group or event!

More about Donna & Tina’s work together can be found at YourWisdomStory.com

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