Week-end or week-long retreats are a nurturing and refreshing way to relax and have fun! They are also a safe and fertile environment for deepening your understanding of who you are as an individual and discovering ways to refine your way of being in the world to reflect more of your authentic, core essence…

I began offering spiritual retreats in September 1991. Together, our retreat groups have tapped into ancient wisdom, curious delight, heard the heartbeat of the natural world, and had deep mystical experiences…

What each of us brings to the circle is significant; the interplay between all who have gathered is magical!

Some of our most memorable retreats have been:

  • Being on the top of an ancient Mayan Rain Temple in Mexico in the middle of night, where I was facilitating a full moon ceremony. One woman spontaneously sang a chant, which she did not know, yet our Mayan guide translated – calling forth the rain… It rained for six days after, until I saw her board the plane for home!
  • Watching the sweet dolphins swim around in our small group, jumping and frolicking. The dolphins opened people’s hearts by vibrating healing sound exactly where each person was in need. They reminded us of things we’d forgotten, teaching us to play like children.
  • Our Shadowcliff Retreat in Grand Lake just days after the devastating events of September 11th. Divine Beings were obviously present, encouraging us to search for any remaining joy and spread love, instead of becoming stuck in our grief.

Each retreat is unique and special. Some people return year-after- year, deepening with their friendships… Yet, each retreat is contained within itself and requires no prerequisite or follow-up.

Consider joining us for one of our adventures! Sign up for our free Inspirational and Event Ezine to receive a current schedule of upcoming retreats. If you’d like assistance in deciding which one is best suited for your needs, give us a call at 303-271-0510…

Upcoming Retreats:
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Jump for Joy
September 15, 16, & 17, 2017


Wild Woman Retreat
June 24th & 25th

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