PathWeavers Retreat 2017

Our 22nd Annual PathWeavers Retreat
“Jump for Joy: A Path of Heart”
September 15, 16, 17th 

A powerfully introspective and motivational retreat deepens your essential connection to yourself, nature, and life’s potential. Awaken a Masterful Life: one of your very own design! Award-winning, internationally-published author, Donna DeNomme is a Master Success Coach, shamanic healer, and ceremonial leader, assisting others through storytelling, art, writing, and integrative ritual.

September 15, 16, 17th
Friday 6:00 – Sun noon
.… earliest registration discounts now available….
$425 includes 2 nights lodging and 5 meals – $100 holds your spot
small group event limited to 24 participants

Or Call 303-271-0510 with your interest!


“I feel like I’ve been held in a sea of love for three days” – Bill

“This was like being in a special church … I am so in touch with my spirituality.” – Bridgette



“I really enjoyed the Retreat.   It was different that any retreat I have attended and I really loved it.   I know  you work so hard to make everything absolutely perfect and it shows! Thanks so much!” – Joanne 

“This is the one super special thing I do for myself each year.” – Maureen

What can you expect?

  • a relaxing and contemplative mountain retreat
  • stunning views over Shadow Lake
  • we meet in a free-standing chapel overlooking the lake!
  • Shadowcliff5    retreat 2014Q
  • outdoor activities in our gorgeous natural setting include a visit to a refreshing waterfall
  • communing with the natural world and easy-to-do nature walks
  • a powerful and moving release ceremony on a bridge helps you step forward lighter and with more freedom to soar
  • “Jump for Joy: A Path of Heart” is an exploration, contemplation, and great creation
  • a remarkable group gathers
  • laughter and smores around the campfire
  • a dramatic night sky where it feels like you can reach out and touch the moon!
  • `
  • a masterfully-facilitated program that nurtures deep connection with yourself, with the natural world, and with others
  • an easy and fun hands-on project enables you to create a sacred touchstone to take home as a way to connect with the energy of this dynamic weekend
  • guided imagery meditations
  • introspective opportunities, transformational processes and celebratory delights!
  • and so much more….
  • priceless, enduring moments in one brief weekend
  • We have added two optional  “surprise” activities: more to follow


Friday at 6:00 (dinner) to Sunday at Noon
A powerful and rejuvenating time ripples forward with true and lasting change

Includes program, 2 nights lodging, and 5 delicious meals = $425  
*Sign-up with one friend and each take $25 off your registration
*Sign-up with two friends and each take $50 0ff your registration
(3 or 4 friends can attend together for $375 each!)
* private rooms available for an addition fee (as per availability)

retreat 2014zDUP Grand Lake2

Our PATHWEAVERS Retreats have been a fan favorite for TWENTY-TWO Years!


icon-spiral-webDonna DeNomme is an insightful teacher, shamanic healer, Master Success Coach, and ceremonial leader, assisting others since 1987. She uses storytelling, art, writing, & integrative ritual to provide multi-dimensional and empowering programs. Donna loves to witness the wonder of separate individuals coming together to become a vibrant circle: prime for nurturing, healing and transformation.

Live the life you love and love the life you live!



Here’s a helpful tool for tapping into your joy! Babies are so sweetly joyful.