Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself

A Gift that says, “I believe in you!”


“Why were we born? We are here on this earth to experience the fullness, the sweetness of life with all it has to offer. Imagine the possibilities! Right now, regardless of what is or is not happening in your life, where could you go from here?” Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself

“Awaken with the promise of each day, as you recognize the true gift of life and your potential for unwrapping the many layers of who you are and what you have to experience. Enrich your relationships as you authentically interact, sharing the expression of your inner beauty. Be fully alive! Savor this human existence and by doing so you will elevate it to even more of what it can be.”
– Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself

“Breaking out from the glut of self-help books that follow the overused “how to” step formulas, Turtle Wisdom takes you on a journey that leaves you feeling as if your favorite grandmother has wrapped you up in a cozy blanket, gently placed you by the fireplace with a cup of your favorite hot chocolate, and lovingly rocked you to sleep on a frigid winter night.” Excerpt from review by Tom LaRotonda

Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself has been recognized with a National Best Books (second only to “The Secret”), a Mom’s Choice silver, and an EVVY Merit award. Turtle Wisdom has been published in eight countries and most recently purchased by a larger publisher in India for distribution in five countries.

TW has been published world-wide in Chinese. And Urano, a fine publisher in Spain released a Spanish version world-wide in 2016. Click here to learn more about Lo que la Tortuga dice

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More Praise for Turtle Wisdom

“Donna DeNomme’s wisdom shines through in her writing, as she leads us to greater self-acceptance and greater awareness of our greatness. Her insights have the power to bring more joy to your life. Open up your heart, open up this book and take it all in!”
– Jana Stanfield, CSP, Keynote Speaker, Singer and Songwriter

“I don’t have to even sell the book. All I do is put a couple of turtles by it and they fly off the shelf! It sells itself because my customers are inspired by it.”
– Dianne Fresquez, Owner of For Heaven’s Sake Bookstore

“This is a simple and elegant prescription for living. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining, with practical advice and suggestions for letting go of the past and truly living your life in the present.” – Dr. Steven Farmer, best-selling author of Earth Magic and Animal Spirit Guides 

“Turtle Wisdom!! … What a brilliant metaphor for consistently taking those little steps that generate awesome results. Donna DeNomme has tapped into a deeper place to reveal priceless practical insights essential to higher living. All this with sincerity, wit and delightful non-pretentious humor. Read this page-turner and smile from deep inside.” – Randy Ferguson, Corporate Motivational Speaker, Author of Outrageously Fulfilling Relationships

“It is 4AM… I haven’t been to bed yet, rest can wait. My Soul/Spirit was thirsty like a sponge. I have read the whole book. I have been reading all night… for now, my thirst is quenched and I will rest soon. With new hope, renewed strength and direction. I believe in me again! Thank you.” -Mona Rose, Workshop Participant

“Donna DeNomme reminds us, in a gentle and practical way, that we have within us the essence of the Divine. By following her clear suggestions, anyone seeking to grow into his/her own spiritual skin can methodically peel away the dust of life to reveal the power, beauty, and wisdom resting in the soul.”
– Susan Schachterle, author of The Bitch, the Crone, and the Harlot

“Donna DeNomme’s comfortable and comforting style of wisdom and humor, helps the bruised Soul, tender from damage, find healing, strength and a way forward to – Self.” – Carridwen Brennan, Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach, Tri-State Prison Project

“…it’s obvious Donna has walked the long walk of learning how to love herself.” – Tama J. Kieves, Best-selling author of This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love

“Turtle Wisdom is a gem. Filled with inspiring stories and poetry, it is a clear reminder that we are the artists of life. Donna’s wisdom and techniques will guide you on your way to cherishing the magnificent being you are “ – Susyn Reeve, Co-creator of WITH Forgiveness

“Turtle Wisdom is a delightful pocket-guide for living a rich life! Donna has captured beautifully the essence of being natural.”
-Dr. Deborah Sandella, PH.D, RN, Author of the award-winning book & CD Releasing the Inner Magician

“It is such a wise and deep book, full of profound insights that really resonate with me. There is so much packed into that little book, it is amazing! I look forward to reading more of it everyday.” – Cara Cantarella, Singer/songwriter of Letter to the World

“Your book has left me feeling as if I’ve had an emotional massage, as if I’m in a private session with you, wrapped in love and safety. The illustrations add a sweetness… My heart is so full of joy!”  – Judith Lynne, Inventor/Author of The Hearty Soul Soup Cookbook

“This is a wonderful treasure of a book that gently strokes and coaxes your inner self to come out of hiding and embrace life with everything you’ve got. It’s a warm, inspiring reminder of the magnificent, loving, capable being that, at essence, you are.” -Linda Frantzen Carlson, Author of Plump: Survival of the Fattest

Turtle Wisdom: You Get You! Coming Home to Yourself is one of those special books that can be read in one sitting or savored over time. Either way it provides you with a lifetime of wisdom. It is a breath of fresh air in its simplicity. Breaking out from the glut of self-help books that follow the overused “how to” step formulas, Turtle Wisdom takes you on a journey that leaves you feeling as if your favorite grandmother has wrapped you up in a cozy blanket, gently placed you by the fireplace with a cup of your favorite hot chocolate, and lovingly rocked you to sleep on a frigid winter night.

Filled with charming anecdotes, insights, and inspiring stories, Donna DeNomme gently guides the reader on a journey of self-reflection using the analogy of the ancient turtle as a constant touchstone. Adding to the wonderfully succinct and rhythmic writing style are incredibly delightful illustrations that in and of themselves are worth the purchase price. The combination of the two makes this book a scintillating and joyful read.

Turtle Wisdom is one of those books that I predict will be a constant companion to anyone who is going through a period of transformation and growth. As I finished the book I fully understood and appreciated the empowering message of the main theme – that when all is said and done “You Get You!” Bravo Miss DeNomme on knowing your audience so well and addressing them with wisdom, dignity and tenderness!   – Tom LaRotonda

Finalist in the Self-Help: Motivational category of the National Best Books 2007 Awards, (second only to “The Secret”),
Silver Mom’s Choice Award Winner 2009,
EVVY Merit Award

Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself is an endearing book of comfort, encouragement, inspiration, and strategies for empowered living.  Drawing on many great wisdom traditions, Donna DeNomme presents practical wisdom and tools to awaken a masterful life.  Delightfully illustrated, Turtle Wisdom empowers seekers of all ages.  Truly, a treasured companion.

Turtle Wisdom is a nurturing companion for all of life’s changes.
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Now being published internationally in 10 countries. That turtle is gaining momentum!

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