Why Turtle Wisdom?

The turtle is an ancient symbol of Feminine Wisdom and Strength…
In China, the tortoise is regarded as one of the Four Spiritually Endowed (or Auspicious) Creatures, representing the North, Yin, and the element of Water… denoting strength, endurance, and longevity. In Native American teaching, the turtle is the oldest symbol for our planet. As the eternal Mother, our lives evolve from her. For thousands of years and in many different cultures, turtle has symbolized the Earth Mother because she carries her home on her back. In Hindu mythology, the tortoise actually supports the world on its back.

How do you “hold up” your world?
How many expectations and responsibilities are you carrying on your back?
How many roles do you fulfill everyday?
Some of us hit the ground running and never stop until we lay our heads to rest.
The turtle is a reminder of the importance of being grounded, and of determination, patience and the ability to navigate through life.

We can continue to carry all that we do, in a way which is healthy and balanced, fulfilled, not frazzled, by the busy lives we lead:
Awaken to each new day with anticipation, as if it was your birthday and today you will be receiving many gifts. Some may even be quite unexpected. When you can greet the day in this manner, you establish an energetic field that attracts the goodness of life. We do receive gifts everyday although many of them slip by unnoticed because we are so wrapped up in our daily activities. Recognize the kind word of a co-worker, the infectious smile of a child, the quarter you find on the street corner, or the sun playing peek-a-boo behind a cloud. – Turtle Wisdom

As you savor this sweetness, you set up a field of receiving that grows and re-seeds itself. Every day is filled with wonderment. Pull out all the stops! Expand in ever-widening circles as you open up the space for a richer expression of life. Expect and accept all the gifts that come your way. Take risks. Explore. Believe in miracles. Life will surprise you with unexpected, even more-than-you-ever-expected good.

Be more; have more. Why?
Because you can!

“Awaken a Masterful Life!” Groups

“Donna’s workshops and individual sessions, combined with her energy and wisdom, have had a profound effect on me.  I feel I have shed years of negativity and pain that have held me captive in my own life.  Thank you Donna for helping me to wake up, be well and enjoy my life to it’s fullest!” – One client’s heartfelt sharing

“Whoever you are,
wherever you are,
whatever is going on in your life,
this is the call…
come home…
to yourself.” – Excerpt from Turtle Wisdom

Individual Sessions / Group Sessions

Individual life enhancing coaching sessions, gentle-touch energy sessions and body wisdom sessions to assist with a difficult time or for continued wellbeing. For help in healing wounds, re-patterning unhealthy behaviors, and better expressing your unique greatness… We carry the resources, knowledge, and abilities that we need within us; sometimes we do need help to find it! Make conscious life choices; take purposeful action. Small group options are also available.

Awaken a Masterful Life Workshops

  • “Coming Home to Yourself”
  • Guided exploration and self-reflection
  • Dynamic individual and group processes
  • Integrative rituals
  • May include sound, movement, live music, and meditation to help integrate concepts
  • Practical strategies for empowered living
  • Formats designed for a variety of time frames
  • 3 hours, 5 hours, 2 days, weekend, or one week

Awaken a Masterful Life Support Groups

For those individuals who would like ongoing support, encouragement, and help refining techniques for empowered living… Varying time commitments.

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