World Turtle Day

Celebrated throughout the world, World Turtle Day was started by the American Tortoise Rescue to raise awareness and understanding about turtles. The more we know them, the more motivated we are to protect them. With turtles on both land and water, they are a strong symbol for conservation.

What do turtles mean for you? As I travel far and wide, I connect with many who have had personally meaningful experiences with Turtle. Turtle is a universal symbol for feminine strength and resilience, helping to “hold us up” through thick and thin…. may the turtle bless your path today!

In my best-sel9781424324866ling book, Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself,
we use the turtle analogy to explore how we carry all that we most need within our protective shell; yet, it is necessary to expose our soft belly and connect with others.How we can pull in for protection, but we must stick our head out to get anywhere in the world! Turtle inspiration, and its deeper meaning is endless! In the best of times, we learn to celebrate our wins and in the challenges, we keep on moving.

Originally written for my coaching clients, Turtle Wisdom has found a world-wide audience
who resonate with its endearing message and delightful illustrations.

Turtle Wisdom News!

Already being published in eight countries (including world-wide in Chinese), we have recently sold the right to a new publisher in India with plans to take it to India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. And I have also contracted with a publisher in Spain, who has begun the translation for release world-wide in Spanish!! This has been a dream since its release in 2007.

And I am now entering an exciting and expansive endeavor with the
Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards. More coming over the next few months….

bundle jpeg (3)

In celebration of World Turtle Day, you can purchase the Personal Illumination Cards directly from me at a special rate. They make such a thoughtful and inspirational gift! You may want to get a few extras to have on hand:

One vibrantly colorful and delightfully illustrated 44-card deck  for $15


Two inspirational and motivational decks with a detailed booklet for $25


Three award-winning, and beloved decks for $30


And in celebration of the call to action on this special day, a donation will be made for each deck sold. The Turtle Wisdom products support turtle conservation every day and today is a great day to make an extra contribution!

Email me at or call 303-271-0510

*this special is available until June 25th