Publish Your Book Coaching

“I have to hide your book from myself, so I can get my work done …. it has captivated me!”
– Heather (about 8 Keys to Wholeness)

My wild adventure began in 2004, when I responded to requests by clients to write down some ideas as a touchstone for them between sessions. In 2005, “You get You:Turtle Wisdom” was published and 1,000 copies sold in just five short months (mostly out of my backpack!) I reprinted 3,000 more and they sold in a little over a year. It became clear that my audience was much broader than just my clients ….

In 2007, I launched a revised version of that first endeavor, internationally, at BEA (Book Expo America) in New York City – Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself. This fan favorite continues to be my best-seller – it has proved to be evergreen. Turtle Wisdom is now award-winning and internationally-published in eight countries! A Turtle Wisdom card deck and two books (on other topics) followed. My current projects in the works include the Turtle Wisdom Playbook and two books on writing.

“Donna’s insightful questions and support were instrumental in the successful completion of the book I had been contemplating for over ten years. Working with Donna was priceless to me!” – Sherry Ray, business coach, author of Finding Traction: Reclaiming Your Work Drive

Let me help you hone your ideas and anchor them into a published project! My expertise is knowing how to help you access your innate creativity and ground it, practically, in a way that helps you move quickly and productively toward your goal. Let my ten years in publishing help you cut corners and connect with the people you need to shift your idea from being stuck in your head to having it cradled in your perfect reader’s appreciative hands.

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A writing coach can help you to:

  • Discover & encourage your interest in writing
  • Engage in writing (even when it is feels difficult)
  • Deepen & expand your natural talent
  • Refine practical writing skills & techniques
  • Have fun!

A seasoned writing coach can open a fascinating new world—by helping you to look at the world differently. She can also help you to avoid common writing and publishing mistakes.
Join award-winning, internationally-published author and success coach,
Donna DeNomme, in private sessions or writing groups.