Write to Right Group

“You hit it last night. Right on the mark. I appreciated the sharing, writing and meditation. I always love that your classes are intuitive rather than using a thinking mind. . . . It will be a fun endeavor with this beautiful group that you put together. We may go places we never thought we would go.”
Coleen Hampf, Human Resource Manager (Manager of Love and Care)

I have created a new writing group! It is especially for “healers” or anyone who wants to make a difference (energetically as well as physically) through the written word. It is a good, fertile space to “season” an idea or magnify an intention. We do so, not only for ourselves, but for others and for the planet/the world as a whole. Truly a transformational and empowered experience. Do your part and WRITE to RIGHT!  

 Our writing addresses:

  • our self-healing,
  • family healing,
  • community healing,
  • and ultimately, planetary healing.

And we include ceremony and rituals to complement and enliven our the writing exercises….

Summer Sol

Write to Right
Writing is the act of discovery. Whether you write for your own benefit or to share with others, writing accesses information often just beyond our reach – until we begin to explore its vast contours and deep crevices. It is here that we can find rich, organic material for our growth. At times, we may encounter a chaos of sorts; while at others, a surprising new order. Like a rafter navigating treacherous rapids or a hiker meandering on a meditative path, the trail is not a defined one, but simply a discovery, step-by-step of what reaches within us, with the potential to be expressed in the great beyond.

In this NEW 6-week writing adventure, we explore aspects of personal, collective, and planetary wounding and healing. We observe seeming chaos and order, seeking points of peace in a complex and every-changing world. We write for our own discovery. We also write as a small, yet powerful act to offer as a gift that energetically affects the whole. We write to right.

This inspirational and expansive workshop series includes presentations, personal and group processes, meditation and other focusing tools to deepen our ability to express through the written word. Together we will create a fertile space for channeling wisdom through our unique filters. We also engage integrative ritual to anchor our writing gifts deeply within us, within the natural world, and, when appropriate, to send out into the larger world. Sharing is always optional. Join this special group of healing wordsmiths. There is great power in our pen.

“Your writing to heal workshop has been brilliant. I don’t want it to end. Casey and I both got so much out of last night that we couldn’t stop talking about the experience. You are truly talented, insightful and magical.”

A new series of six will begin in February/March – call to be put on the contact list!
$50/session (with a 6 week commitment) or $210 if paid by the 1st class

Donna DeNomme
Wild Success 4 You 303-271-0510
Award-winning, internationally-published author