You Are THE Masterpiece!


женская красота“You are your life’s creation. Invest the time, energy, and financial resources to create a masterpiece.”
Donna DeNomme from Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself

Your most evolved self is “calling you.” It is beckoning you to become all that you can be. There is no one specific role or destiny you must live out, but rather a vast array of potential possibilities for you to explore and express your true self. While your innermost core pushes you to gift the world with your unique talents, you alone guide your path, because you have the freedom to choose what direction that expression takes. We all need your contribution. What you have to offer is not exactly like anyone’s else’s … as puzzle pieces connect to form a beautiful image, many should unite for the good of our planetary evolution.

Set your sights beyond what you can easily reach and you will easily reach beyond what you can imagine.– anonymous