30 Day Invitation to Come Home

Come Home to Yourself with the 30 Day Invitation. Truly Know & Celebrate “You”!

More than a coaching program, more than a class, more than a workshop series – and yet a bit of each! … Sometimes we get so caught up in the demands of our lives that we fail to make conscious choices or even lose who we are … and some of us may have not have ever stopped to consider our deepest questions, our soul’s longings, or our heart’s desires.

The “30 Day Invitation: Coming Home to Yourself” is a dedicated time of curious observation, contemplation, and deepening in knowing and appreciating ourselves.

Our small group meets in a safe and fertile environment with discovery activities, guided imagery meditations, playful processes, and honest sharing. Our time facilitates understanding, appreciation, and integration – allowing you to truly meet and deepen with your sense of self. It enables you to move forward with more consciously aligned choices, strength, and resilience, and further appreciation for the unique and beautiful being you are…..

We have two upcoming groups:
One in Golden, Colorado begins on October 30th and has two in-person group meetings. We also meet on-line for three sessions. The rest of the activities are provided for you to engage in each day at the time you choose! And you also receive an individual private discovery coaching session.

Our complete online course begins November 19th with additional online sessions and private discovery coaching sessions by phone or Skype.

For more information

For questions or to register contact wildsuccesscoach@gmail.com