8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing

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8 Keys to Wholeness is now being published in India!

Self-Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Chakras, Healing Trauma
 “Donna has written a powerful, authentic, vulnerable and courageous book. If you have ever experienced pain,
this is an incredible way to support your healing.”
– Cynthia James, teacher, author What Will Set You Free

Everyone’s pain matters … yet, the ultimate point is not the wounding.8Keys-cover-front-120
The value is found in the healing of our deepest wounds. 

The most powerful forces for healing are found right inside of you!

“Donna DeNomme has pulled out all of the stops! This book is filled with deep soul truths, shamanic wisdom, practical insights, and healing practices. What a gem!” —Dianne Fresquez, owner of For Heaven’s Sake Books

“Donna DeNomme’s honesty and insight will open the soul and guide the heart through the hard walk to wholeness. She dares to speak a truth that will liberate so many others who will know they are not walking alone, and her keys will illuminate their path.” —Fawn Germer, international speaker and best-selling author of Hard Won Wisdom

“I felt swept up and fully engaged . . . . This book shares from a deeply personal perspective of healing and awakening, while also offering useful tools and practices designed for clearing old patterns, and bringing balance and restoration to our daily lives.” —Carl Studna – Photographer & Author of CLICK! Choosing Love, One Frame at a Time

“Your grasp of all the dimensions of this issue really opens it in a way that I don’t think anyone else has . . . . I wish you great success on your courageous new book.” – Dara Marks, Top Hollywood script consultant, author of Inside Story

“Donna has bared her soul in this remarkable heart opening and powerful book. Anyone who has experienced trauma or abuse will be able to view their painful experience differently now and be deeply healed from this book. Her deft blend of spiritual insight and practical healing steps is brilliant. This book took courage to write. And it leaves the reader feeling inspired and fearless.” – Sue Frederick, author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side

“Can we do our sessions based on this book? I have already received so many insights… just by answering the questions you raise in each key.” Jayne, client

8 Keys to Wholeness: Tools for Hope-Filled Healing

A licensed Spiritual Coach with a lifetime of service shares an ancient and powerful path for healing found through using the human chakra system as a container for our personal stories. Donna DeNomme reminds us that the ultimate truth is not found in our wounding but rather in the discovery of the ways in which we can heal those wounds. 8 Keys to Wholeness exposes remarkable tools for true and lasting healing.

Donna provides us with a glimpse of her own sexual abuse within the Catholic Church – a brutal betrayal and wounding that she kept publically hidden for over 50 years. She also weaves practical and profound healing insights gleaned from over 25 years as a spiritual teacher and shamanic facilitator. Whether or not you have been abused, accessing and utilizing the 8 Keys is a dynamic method to draw forth your inner resilience and enduring strength so you might experience greater self-assurance and a deeper sense of satisfaction and joy.

An award-winning, internationally published author, Donna DeNomme is a visionary who sees meaning in even the worst of our personal wounding, recognizing its value for our greater collective healing and human evolution.

  • Discover the 8 keys to unlock the empowering connection to your Essential Self.
  • Access the wisdom and insight found right inside of you.
  • Observe life’s Great Mystery, as brutally broken fragments weave into hope-filled wholeness.
  • Celebrate your inherent resiliency—it’s part of what makes you human.
  • Discover your vast potential through the energy of a triad of synergistic chakras in Key #8.  This triad can help you claim a more dynamic and fulfilling life.
  • Live from Wholeness and love your life!
 “Love your story of hope.” – Janis Page, counselor, teacher

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“This is a stunning piece of work!” —Karen Stuth, founder and publisher at Satiama

 “Donna DeNomme is a gifted writer and powerful spiritual practitioner. Her book, 8 Keys to Wholeness – Tools for Hope-Filled Healing, provides inspiration and clear direction for self-discovery, comfort, and true transformation. Her compassion and her connection with Spirit make her a tremendous blessing and an inspiration for moving through trauma and moving forward in life. Read it, share it with others, and enjoy more of the great life you deserve.” —Dr. Roger Teel, Spiritual Leader, Mile Hi Church, Denver, Colorado and author of This Life is Joy

“Donna’s experience and expertise sheds light on multi-dimensional healing—working from the heart center, yet radiating through all the chakras. Practically educational and imminently personal, this book will help you cleanse your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies and may play an unprecedented role in uplifting the wider spiritual and cultural communities. A powerful and empowering read!”
—Rasamayi, yogini, teacher, and internationally-renowned sound healing musician

“I haven’t had experience of abuse so I was quite surprised that 8 Keys has such a universal message. It goes way beyond physical abuse and encourages readers to address anything in their lives that blocks living a full and positive life, without blame. With so many insights and deep wisdom, it’s a truly worthwhile read.” —Susan Lion, author, graphic designer & illustrator, How the Trees Got Their Voices

“You are a Spiritual Warrior.” – Dr. Susan Rowland, author of Jung: A Feminist Revision