“Reiki is a gift everyone should have.” Denise Reiki II practitioner

Reiki IIb  Reiki IIc

REIKI  is a unique and highly effective technique for balancing and energizing oneself and others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  The method is both simple and direct in its amplification of KI, or Universal Life Force Energy.  Reiki requires no thought or belief system to activate it, but rather is a self-directed movement of powerful, yet subtle, energy through one’s hands.  It can be utilized as a self-help technique for preventive health maintenance, stress management, relief of tension and pain, and to promote specific healing.  The Essence of Reiki is the Life Force itself, and when utilized consistently, can develop wholeness, well-being, and personal growth.  No special background, training, or knowledge is required to learn Reiki: only a desire to be a pure, healing channel.

Donna DeNomme, Reiki Master, practices and teaches the ancient healing art of Reiki – the Usui Method of Natural Healing.  She finds it promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and greater spiritual depth.  She has taught Reiki since 1990 and maintained a Reiki client practice since 1987.  Donna has been a spiritual coach since 1991 and has been honored as the “Spiritual Health Guru” by 5280, Denver’s Premier magazine. She is trained in alternative and indigenous healing practices.

Becoming a Reiki Healer is a transformational experience which will bring growth, change and spiritual blessings into your life.  Join us for the next Reiki workshop! New Classes being scheduled now: call with your scheduling preferences

Reiki I $150 (2 day training)  $25 discount if paid one week ahead
introductory course facilitates your opening to receive this transformational energy and healing tool
#1 Option: Sunday January 21st 10 – 5
or #2 Option: Thursday February 1st 7-9 and Saturday Feb 3rd 1-5:30

Reiki II $250 (2 or 3 Day training) $50 discount if paid one week ahead
Deepen and expand your practice to include mental/emotional healing and distance techniques
Weds January 24th 7-9, Saturday Jan 27th 12-4, and if we need more time Monday 29th 7-9

Advanced Workshops and Reiki Master Class/Apprenticeship

Advanced Workshop Series:
Meetings will be held from either 6:30/ or 7:00 – 9:00/ or 9:30 depending on the availability and preference of those registered. THESE WORKSHOPS FILL QUICKLY. Space is limited, so if you’re interested contact Donna to register – 303-271-0510. You can take one, two, three, or all four. Space preference given to those who’d like to take the entire series.

2018 dates TBA – let me know your interest!

#1 – August 31st (Thursday) 6:30/7:00 – 9:00/9:30
“Deepening with the Symbols”
A playful and informative workshop which reinforces understanding about the three level II symbols
#2 – September 6th (Wednesday) 6:30/7:00 – 9:00/9:30
“Self-treatment with powerful treatment strategies”
More than just about hand positions, this workshop delves into effective and empowering techniques to add to your self-treatment. This one is not about hand placement, but rather a practical process using the Reiki II skills that enables you to target better health and wellbeing, improved relationships, financial prosperity, and a greater sense of happiness and success in life!
#3 – September 11th (Monday) 6:30/7:00 – 9:00/9:30
“Being professional / enhancing your treatment skills” 
Not just for those who wish to go into professional practice, this workshop fine-tunes treatment practices for giving Reiki to others and answers specific questions you may have about those you treat.
#4 – September 27th (Wednesday) 6:30/7:00 – 9:00/9:30
“Being professional / enhancing your treatment skills” 
Not just for those who wish to go into professional practice, this workshop fine-tunes treatment practices for giving Reiki to others and answers specific questions you may have about those you treat. Table demonstrations & hands-on practice of advanced techniques.
*Pre-Registration required – call 303-271-0510
Call asap because these workshops often fill to capacity way in advance!
If interested and unable to attend these dates, contact Donna
$55 each
2 for $100 (10 savings)
3 for $150 (15 savings)
4 for $175 (45 savings)

 Master Classes are in process now – let me know your interest for upcoming TBA

Gentle-Touch Healing and Wellness Clinic – Group Sessions with Reiki Master Students
July 16th 10:30 – 4:30 by appointment     Donna at 303-271-0510 to schedule

Donna is sponsoring and supervising this Master Clinic – a rare opportunity to receive a Reiki treatment by two or more advanced master practitioners at the same time. Appointment slots fill quickly, so call to reserve yours today!
$45 – 25 minute relaxing session
$80 – 55 minute rejuvenating session

*please wear comfortable, non-binding clothing & tote a full water bottle
Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose nor prescribe. Reiki can be used in conjunction with any other traditional or alternative therapies, but is not meant to replace necessary medical or psychological care.

Reiki II

Reiki is a natural, easy-to-learn process that leads to profound results

“It never feels forced because I don’t want to force it.
I let go into the natural flow of the Reiki.”

– Alissa, Reiki Master Apprentice

“Reiki has brought immeasurable blessings to my life – over a lifetime of experiences.”
– Donna, Reiki Master

Register here for our Reiki Share!
*this group is taking a hiatus as I am in a Writing Cycle for the next book series!

*During this monthly call, traditional Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer, Donna DeNomme shares practical tips for using Reiki – both for personal use and for our professional practice. Once registered for this online community, you can access recordings for current and previous broadcasts. If you join us in-person for the calls, you’re able to ask questions and to make comments to be included in the broadcast. Calls include 20-30 minutes of presentation, a meditative focus to expand or deepen your Reiki practice, and time for questions & comments

May 20th: Call #1 focused on recognizing Reiki as the powerful healing technique it is … Donna shared a bit about how she came to Reiki and also key qualities of the Reiki Practice.

June 17th 9:00 – 9:40 MST : Donna

July 16th: 9:00 – 9:40 MST : Guest presenter Dana Stovern joins us to share about how issues (and solutions) to our relationship with money relate to the body.